CD Disc Duplication By Discount Duplication



CD Duplication Equipment of the highest quality.We can duplicate

your master disc in any quantity desired. Just print the CD

Duplication order form and shipping label. Then fill out the order

form and mail or ship to us by FedEx or UPS. We have many types

of packaging. Print the CD/DVD template and fill in your label



We print wih black thermal ink on silver thremal brand name

disks. We do not use generics. We now offer full color

inkjet cd printing. Be sure to choose the hub print template

for ink jet labels.


Remember paper labels may damage your discs performance.


You cannot get CD Duplication orders faster or of higher quality

than Discount Duplication.

Please Call for Current Discount Pricing

White sleeve


SL Box


J Box

BKDVD1 Full Sleeve


Price is for empty Case, Disc not included


CD Order Form

CD Thermal Label Template --Thermal Silver Disc--Black Print--

CD Color Label Template --Four Color UV Coated--

Shipping Label

IPR Form


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