Movie Film History

Brownie 8mm Movie Camera II

Brownie 8mm Movie Camera II

George Eastman, a banker from Rochester, NY was the founder of Eastman Kodak Co.  He tried for years to create an affordable home movie camera.  In 1932 the Cine Kodak Eight was introduced.  It cost $335 which made it too costly for the average family.  A brand new car at the same time cost $550.  In the 1950's the movie cameras cost around $29.95.  Many families were able to afford a camera at this price and filmed parties, weddings, graduations, vacations, everything a typical family did they recorded.

 Scientists at Kodak later developed super 8mm film in April of 1965.  It was a breakthrough in easiness of movie-making and improved the quality of the pictures greatly.

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