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Helpful Hints for Ordering DVD and CD Duplication

We use brand name media, not generics to assure compatibility with DVD and CD players.

You must choose between silver thermal and white inkjet discs. Silver thermal discs are faster to produce and more economically priced. Silver thermal is black text on a silver disc. You must choose inkjet if you have grayscale effects or any color in your logo.

Check your master before sending to us on your DVD or CD player for incorrect authoring or encoding. Computer drives are more tolerant to encoding errors therefore it is best to check discs in standalone players. If discs are not finalized in the machine they are created in, they cannot be read in another machine.

Make a backup copy to send to us, do not send us your only master. Check for errors before sending. We copy exactly what you send.

Label artwork. Artwork should be created at 300 DPI to insure a quality print. Photoshop files work best for source artwork. Please do not flatten the layers of your Photoshop source before sending. Please save artwork to a separate CD and send with master.

Print DVD or CD Duplication Order Form and the IPR Form. Please fill out and sign and date. We cannot process any order without these forms on file. These forms are listed on the DVD Duplication and CD Duplication pages.

Choose the packaging you desire on the order form. Cakebox is necessary if no packaging is chosen.

You may fax your order form to us. Please call for updated number. Please also pack your order form with your master and label information. Ship it to us using this label.

We ship UPS ground. For any other shipping such as overnight, you must have a UPS account that we can charge the shipping to.

Please enclose full credit card information on your order form. Do not forget the CVV security code. Any missing information will delay your order. DVD or CD label must be authorized and payment must be received in full before duplication will begin.